Purist tasting alcohol is what makes Artisan Spirit Merchants’ (ASM) story exciting and unique.

There is authenticity in our story: we’re a boutique Australian alcoholic beverages company with an astute portfolio of expertly crafted artisan spirit brands, including VDKA 6100.

Driven by an unquenchable passion for creating premium spirit brands, we source the world’s finest ingredients to deliver liquids that rival any competitors’ brands. We really do know what we are doing and strive to deliver authentic, well-developed drinks.

A young, passionate and bold entrepreneurial company, we are determined to make our journey about ‘good times and great memories’ for our consumers, customers, partners, employees and investors.


Our Values

We’re all about ‘good times and great memories’ by standing for 3 simple values:



As evangelists of our brands our optimism and love for them is infectious. From suppliers to consumers and everyone in between we exist to make our brands their brands! This is our differentiator; it’s never just a job!



100% real products - Authentic expertly crafted products born from our passion for purity. Only by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world are we able to unequivocally stand behind our brands and the quality they deliver.

100% real people - Our diversity makes us stronger. We are confident and assertive, we believe in our own ability, BUT we are NOT arrogant. We pride ourselves on having humility and respect and acknowledging the value others bring to the table.



It’s through their innovative, savvy, agile and astute approach, that we have been able to push boundaries and explore areas that our competitors fear to tread. Only by failing do we know we have pushed the limits and get closer to the perfect solution. Be accountable; don’t blink!