ASM: Artisan Spirit Merchants is the classic tale of a ‘David versus Goliath’ struggle. A vibrant young entrepreneurial company born from a great idea (but not much money) taking it to the established players in the market – this is our story and we’re proud of it.


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Co-founders Julian Moss and Simon Sibia started the company in 2004 when Simon called Julian (a long-time friend) out of the blue wanting to start a vodka company. A loyal vodka drinker himself, Julian thought, “Why not?”

It was time to create an impurity free vodka. And so the two friends embarked upon the creation of VODKA O™, a super smooth, impurity-free vodka.

After raising some launch funds, they operated out of an old mechanic’s garage and the first cases of VODKA O™ were proudly sold to bars in Sydney’s Bondi and Kings Cross via an old kombi van – of course.

Armed with their passion for the fledging brand the newly formed team literally walked door-to-door to bottle shops and venues, to persuade license-holders to stock the new super smooth vodka. This ‘give it a go’ mentality served the lads well. Their ‘guerrilla tactics’ through ‘liquid on lips’ sampling – in the right places at the right time – helped build an army of brand evangelists who all shared the VODKA O™ call. A ripple effect followed with emerging creative talents, student filmmakers and Australia’s up and coming fashion designers embracing the brand to help take VODKA O™ to #3 in the Australian market.

It’s with this belief and determination that to this day the company continues to be passionate about providing authentic, premium products we can stand behind and shout about from the rooftops.

…..And we have moved into a slightly bigger garage!

“When you’re passionate about what you do and never lose sight of your goals, anything is possible – Julian Moss”